Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Divine Surprise! Exhibition in Amsterdam

"Divine Surprise! Het vrouwelijke in God [the female in God]." This is the title of an exhibition organised by the FemArt Museum and the Bible Museum in Amsterdam. "Divine Surprise!" introduces the exciting feminine traits of the biblical image of God. This exhibition is one of the results of almost 50 years of archaeological, iconographic and exegetical research by Othmar Keel (emiritus professor for Biblical Studies) in collaboration with world-renowned archaeologists and feminist theologians. This exhibition, based on the collection of the BIBEL + ORIENT Museum in Fribourg (Switzerland), will be in the Bijbels Museum from the 8th of March 2013 till the 25th of August 2013. Before coming to Amsterdam, the exhibition has been on loan in other musea (see the English review on the ASOR website). Amsterdam, however, is probably the last stop before the exhibits will be incorporated in a longer-term exhibition in Fribourg. A richly illustrated cataologue (a revised version of Gott weiblich: Eine verborgene Seite des biblischen Gottes) will be available in Dutch.

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